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Advice on Constructive Criticism/Feedback

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Advice on Constructive Criticism/Feedback

Post by Fowlisss on Mon 16 Jul 2012, 00:16

Constructive Criticism/Feedback

Hello guys, this thread is a guide on writing constructive criticism on your fellow designer's works.

Firstly, comments such as "nice work" and "I hate it" are not viewed as an acceptable form of feedback, as the designer will not know what he/she has liked about their work, and if it isn't good, they will not know why and will not be able to improve upon the work they've created.

So we hope that making this an important feature to our community, it will enable designers to improve their skills with the necessary construcrive criticism/feedback

Therefore if any member is continually giving feedback like described earlier, which is not constructive, they will be warned and in extreme cases, banned.

This is a method of ensuring that all work gets the in-depth comments they deserve, and help the designer to improve in the future.

Thank you for reading, hope you guys take this on board and help your fellow designer enthusiasts improve.

We here at Sports Artists hope you have a good stay!


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