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David Villa

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David Villa

Post by FB Slothmeister on Fri 20 Jul 2012, 05:26

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Just tweaked with bagrounds and flames and came to this. Still looks a little blank so any suggestions on what to add are welcome.


Thanks in advance.
FB Slothmeister
Getting used to this
Getting used to this

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Re: David Villa

Post by Fowlisss on Fri 20 Jul 2012, 09:24

To be honest, you need to stop repeating font's, it becomes a chore to look at mate, the more I see it, the less I think, remember that for yourself

As for the sig, it's a very nice background in my opinion, blended well with the render.

Render placement for me is all wrong, there's about a centimetre between his head and the top of the canvas, indicating it's bad render placement, sorry.

I feel if you blended the render with the background colourwise, it could look a little nicer for me, but it may not work. That remains to be seen.

Keep working mate, sorry if it seems I am nitpicking, but it's what I see.

Keep trying!

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